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Women & Retirement

Despite gains over the past two decades, a gender gap in pension plan participation and coverage remains. The combination of longer life expectancy and fewer resources in retirement leaves older women more likely to have less of a nest egg than men, and more likely to outlive their spouses. A brochure to use with clients, customizable to your business.

Women and Retirement Savings

Planning and saving for retirement may seem like goals that are far in the future. Yet saving, especially for retirement, should start early and continue throughout your lifetime. For use with clients.

Are you ready for your financial future?

A woman’s finances may have to work harder and last longer because of unique challenges she may face. For use with clients.

Social Security Fact Sheet

This Fact Sheet is provided by the Social Security Administration to highlight how women benefit from the Social Security program and how certain demographic characteristics of women compare with the entire population.

The XX Factor: How to Future-Proof Your Practice by Better Serving Women

For Financial Professional use only.

The XX Factor: 7 Tips to Future-Proof Your Practice
More women than men associate negative emotions with financial planning and say they are less confident about managing money according to one study. Shift this trend by taking steps to better engage female clients and build a relationship based on trust and confidence.

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