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LIVE | NOON ET | 10/18 + 10/31 + 11/15 | 45MIN

The financial planning world is going through radical changes today. Changes where those who specialize in areas like retirement income planning will truly set themselves apart from their generalist counterparts.   

Welcome to OCS training for Income Planning: Opportunity, Challenge, & Solution.  

Get the training you need to evolve before you become extinct. 

*Note this is a LIVE 3-Part Webinar Series. You may join at any point in the series, however, attendance to all 3 is encouraged. If you cannot make a session, the recording will be made available.  

Featured Presenter

Andy Robertson, Founder and President

Capital Indemnity Group, Trusted Resource, & The Corporation for Social Security Claiming Strategies

As founder and President of Capital Indemnity Group and Trusted Resource, I work daily with some of the top retirement planning professionals around the country. Together, we introduce retiring Americans to the true power of one of the greatest retirement programs in existence today, Social Security.  

 Understanding Social Security’s unique ability to combat the erosive effects longevity, inflation, and taxes have on one’s retirement capital is the key to building a fortified retirement income plan and minimizing the likelihood their clients will run out of money. With 92% of American households likely to fall short of their retirement savings needs, top retirement planners utilize our knowledge, training, and tools to embrace the complexity of Social Security planning and leverage its ability to salvage middle America’s retirement dreams. 

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11/15 — SOLUTION