Social Security Optimization Program

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social security optimization

The program includes access to:

CSSCS Certification | A Lead-Gen marketing and prospecting campaign | Client-facing educational materials | Access to Social Security experts | CSSCS Certification discount and potential reimbursements


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The only social security program with: training & tools, Membership & Certification, Customizable prospecting tools, Access to Athene’s Retirement Optimizer


the social security complete campaign

DMI did the work – just click, copy,  host. Customizable emails, Social posts, and Presentation, Tips and Tricks, Run weekly, monthly, or any time frame


ARO Athene retirement optimizer

A strategy and a tool for financial professionals. Build a fortified retirement income plan, Reduce required capital, Increase the amount of retirement savings

it works.

former teacher now manages $200m+ in assets

The latest social security trustrees report projecting a shortfall in only 12 years, future retirees are looking for answers. Join the webinar august 18th and learn how to help.